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July 20, 2011

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Man

Frustrated%20man2 I read this article this morning and wanted to share it with you. Sebastian Leguizamon HeadDrama.com wrote it in response to this "5 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman",
Sebasion says, "there are a lot of things you should never say to a man, but I figured I’d make life interesting for you and just lay out the top five".


WHAT?! NO. NO. NO. NO! Please women, never, ever say this to a man. Unless you’ve been watching the paint dry for the last couple of centuries, sports have ruled men’s lives since the beginning of time! Just imagine that Jackie Robinson never entered the MLB and a woman just walked up to him and said, “Oh, it’s only a game.” Try it out, go to a sports bar and tell the guys it’s only a game. Yea… you get the point. Please don’t say this to any man, especially if they’re watching their team lose. Could result in unwanted discussions.

2. “BE A MAN”

Say what? Women still say this! This is one of the worst things you can say to a man. Regardless of his lifestyle, his hobbies or his interests, the guy has a pair. We take a lot of pride in our masculinity and nothing makes men angrier than to be demeaned. It’s like telling a lion he’s a cat.


Oh. Lord. Although this might just apply to relationships, please ladies, re-phrase before we start blowing up inside. If you need to talk to your man wait until you have time to do it, don’t take part in the typical scenario and tell a man “We need to talk,” and go off to work. What this creates is a chain of events that includes calling YOUR friends for info, hiding stashes and clearing computer history. Doesn’t necessarily mean we have something to hide but we just we paranoid, start creating scenarios in our heads and become conscious of our insecurities. A NO NO.


Yea but your arms are crossed; you rolled your eyes at me and haven’t cooked. Okay… Just making sure. WE KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG! We always know! Women give it away so easy and it makes men so angry! Don’t want to talk about it? Okay just say, “I’ll come around to it,” or,  “I’m a little bothered by…” Saying, “Nothing’s wrong” is probably going to create more fuss than what you’re being bothered by.


Oh yea? I forgot men like small BBQ grills, small engines, small cars, small handguns and small boobs. But, but, but, but nothing! And yes I’m talking about that other thing too so don’t even dare say, “Is it in yet?” Please don’t say any of this to a man. Lie to him, walk away, or do something but don’t tell him size doesn’t matter. It always has and always will matter. It’s why we built skyscrapers, why we lift heavy weights and why some men (unfortunately) spend hundreds on enlargement pills.

So ladies, no hard feelings but these things just make us infuriated, let us know what you think. Men, feel free to add on, or comment. What makes your testosterone dwindle?


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This works both ways. Men can say some awful and demeaning, hurtful, mean, things to women as well.

Things that, emotionally scar for a lifetime. I was in such a relationship for many years and still have the scars to prove it.

I am still in counciling and professional guidance to prove it.

It should read What not to say to a Man or a Woman.

It works both ways Buddy......

Prefer not to sign.

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