Cheaters The party line seems to be that by the age of 45, your days of explosive passion are long gone.  That making love is a rare occurrence and that most women would rather get a good nights sleep than have sex.

One in three adults who took part in a survey admitted they had cut short a sex session because they were too exhausted to carry on and at 45, making love is a strictly lights-off-in-the-bedroom affair.

The average 45-year-old makes love once a week and is lucky if the entire experience lasts longer than 22 minutes. And, sex is restricted to the bedroom for 85 per cent of older couples, while 64 per cent only ever cuddle up to their partner if the lights are off.

Personally, I think women over 45 have been brainwashed by society.  We are led to believe that as we approach menopause we lose our sexy.  Beware!! - if you start to believe that the sexy switch is turned off.  Instead of feeling beautiful we focus on the sags and wrinkles and find it hard to believe that anybody will find us sexually arousing.  Do you see where the bad thinking can lead us?

So what can you do to break the pattern and pump up your sex life after 45?  First of all, always remember that sex starts in the brain, so stop telling yourself you are old and that sex is not important. Sex is very important and for you my dear, it's the beginning of new and exciting era. It's a time in your life when you are more desirable and more delicious than ever before. You have experience, you have confidence and you're not embarrassed to ask for what you want.  Stop worrying about that extra 10 pounds because it's not going to bother the lucky man that reaps the benefits of that  fabulous and new sexy lady that is about to emerge.

If you need a little help in getting your juices flowing, go to your doctor and check out your hormones, read a steamy novel and watch a couple of really sexy movies.  I think that will do the trick.