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July 06, 2007

Age Of Love: Kittens vs Cougars

Since I first started to write about the cougars, all hell has broken loose.Age_of_love_3 "Age of Love" a dating competition like "The Bachelor" is pitting Cougars, ranging in age from 39 to 48, against Kittens, all in their 20's. The older women compete with the younger ones for the affections of a 30-year old Australian tennis player.

On "Saving Grace", a TNT series beginning this month, Holly Hunter will play an Oklahoma sheriff with a ravenous appetite for cigarettes, booze and sex with younger men.  Glenn Close also returns to TV in July staring in "Damages on FX.  These series are tapping into baby boomers' who refuse to sit back and let a younger generation take over. 

Here's my gripe about all this Cougar mania. I don't like how Cougars are being portrayed.  To me a Cougar, is an intelligent, confident, beautiful women with a positive presence that has taken years to develop.  She is definetly not a seedy, desperate women skulking after younger men in bars. Genuine Courgars, the Cougars I know and love aren't the cheap imitations.  They would never be willing to abandon their values, merely to gain the attention or the affection of the opposite sex. Women who do that are desperate and genuine Cougars and certainly not that.

A real Cougar chooses to fully embrace all of her beauty and brilliance no matter what age she is. She is ageless beauty, and the smart leader.  She is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. She knows she has a lot to offer the right man. Yes, she is attracting the attention of younger men, but that's a bonus, only if she chooses it.  She knows knows how to take care of her  lovers, but more importantly, she knows how to take care of herself.  She is disciplined and works hard to eat well and exercise both her body and her mind. She knows aging is inevitable – how we age is always our choice!

Achieving the rank of Cougar is a privilege not an embarrassment.  But,even as I write these words, I know that being a Cougar isn’t that easy for many of us, especially when it comes to sex and feeling sexy.  A narrow image of womanhood is handed to us both by popular culture and mainstream culture and those images, the ones which become as true to us as the very language we speak, can keep us from having a satisfying sex life.

But here’s the good news.  Even with all the physiological shifts that we go through as we age, the truth is that a fully sensual life has far less to do with our changing bodies than it does with our own belief system.

Which brings me to my new High-Yield booklet "12 Ways to Unleash the Cougar in You".  It's a must read for all women who want to experience womanhood to the fullest. Yes, the booklet does focus on sex, because it's a natural part of our lives at 50 or 60 or 70.  But, it's also about rediscovering just how powerful we are. This is the time we boomers have to look at what we've got and decide if it's what we want.  This is the time for second starts and for appreciating ourselves in a way we never have before.


The e-booklet will be availabe online July 23rd, but here's a quick teaser to wet your appetite for what's coming.

  • Dress For Sex-cess - Some of the sexiest surprises can be found underneath a really conservative business suit.  Knowing what lies beneath can be a huge turn on for you and for whoever gets to unwrap that delectable package you have created.
  • Sex is not a Contest - The only one judging you in bed is you - and that's the quickest way to squelch the passion.  Don't let anything get in the way of your pleasure.  It's too important.
  • Never Underestimate the Big O-  and I don't mean Oprah. Orgasm, the brass ring, the pot of gold at the end of foreplay.

After reading the tips is this booklet women of all ages will be unleashing their hidden cougars. It's for married ladies, and single gals too.  It's for 40 somethings and 60 somethings.  It's for every women who believes in herself and wants to enjoy life to the absolute fullest.


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I thought that Megan was the sweetest girl out of the 4. Just because she had a fear of flying, she was eliminated, which doesn't seem right. Currently, Amanda is the leading for in the Age of Love winner poll.

Age of Love Winner Poll: http://polls.hopto.org/polls.aspx?poll=72&partner=0&Desc=Age-Of-Love-Winner

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